Den gode fen

Den goda fen is fancy costumes and accessories for kids, a brand that we are very proud of to have in our assortment. What we want to induce is playfulness, imagination, and at the same time deliver costumes with good quality and never goes out of style.

In the assortment you will find fantasy animals, princesses, pirates, superheroes and many more imaginative costumes and accessories.

Imagination is one of the pillars of Den goda fen and we think it is important that children are developing along with it.

Den goda fen began making costumes in 1997, since then, founder Helena Vis successfully designed creations worn by children at all possible occasions. Her quest to produce durable classics that are loved and inherited does not seem to stop, each year we update the collection with fun models and accessories.

We put great emphasis that the product lives up to the standard and regulation concerning the safety of toys, this according to the stricter requirements on the safety of toys, the EU's Toy Directive (2009/48 / EC) and standard EN 71-1-2-3. Read more under the Materials and security.

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Sizes Clothes 

Children vary widely in length and width during their childhood, Den Goda Fen's sizes should be viewed as a guide. Our garments are usually not "small" in size. 
Centilong is a way to specify garment size. The size is based on the child's height in centimeters, ie 1 cm=1 cl.

Den Goda Fen's sizes:

X-small = 1-2 year approx. 80-98 cl

Small = 3-4 year approx. 100-104 cl

Medium = 4-5 year approx. 110-116 cl

Large = 6-7 year approx. 120-122 cl

Tutu Skirts sewn generally in a size 3-6 years. 

T-shirts: XS= 80 cl, S=100 cl, M=120 cl, L=140 cl. 

Dresses with corsage: S=100 cl, M=110 cl, L=120 cl. 

Dresses without corsage: XS= 80 cl, S=100 cl, M=120 cl, L=140 cl. 

Dress "Ice Princess": XS= 100 cl (3-4 year), S=110 cl (5-6 year), M=122 cl (7-8 year). 

Capes: One size approx. 3-8 years.

Baby Capes: One size approx. 1,5-3 years.



Follow always first the washing instructions on the garment. 

Most of the garments are machine washable but hand washing is always recommended to garment with sewn details (stones, sequins, gold ribbon, etc.).

NOTE: Do not tumble dry. 

Always iron inside out on low heat.


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