Robetoy is very proud of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work. By ordering from us, you are

supporting us as we are trying to do what we can to create a world where children can feel safe. In
order to do this, we have chosen to support the following four organizations:
• Barncancerfonden - Helping families and contributing to paediatric cancer research with the
aim of eradicating childhood cancer
• WWF - Currently funds around 1,300 conservation projects globally & employs 6,000 people
across the planet
• WaleWale - Youth center & fotball organization supporting youths in the Kiberia Slum, Kenya
• Marafiki Ya Mombasa - Supporting an orphaned family in Kenya
• We also climate compensate for all the freights from our suppliers via
the organizaton ZeroMission.





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Sincerely, Den goda fen