Safe toys

Robetoy always looks forward to knowing all the current safety rules regarding toys and is always up to date on issues related to the safety of toys.   

Toys safety is regulated in a variety of laws and directives and it is good because it is so vital that the toys are safe. There must be no accident risks so that children can be harmed, so there are rules for small parts, clamping hazards, suffocation hazards, chemical substances, plasticizers, etc. phthalates, metals such as lead, cadmium, etc.   

In the industry organization Lek & Baby, where Robetoy is a member, we work a lot with security issues. The authorities that control the safety around our toys are the Consumer Agency, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Chemicals Inspectorate. If you want to know more about the work of the authorities, go to their websites where they provide a lot of information about toys and toy's safety.  

Many of the toys sold in Sweden and the EU are manufactured in China. In addition to security, it is important to also check the conditions of the factories in China that manufacture our toys. Our industry organization The Toy Industry is a member of the International Council of Toy Industries International Organization. ICTI has developed a code of conduct called the ICTI Care Process that regulates a lot of the demands of our manufacturers, especially in China, and will ensure that the products we market and sell are produced under good conditions. ICTI certifies Chinese manufacturers for a special program that must then be renewed each year.


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